Better Schools. Better Jobs.

As a boy scout, many decades ago, I was taught by the Scout Master, my Dad, that we were to leave the campsite better than we found it. I have tried to use that as a guide post all my life. During my almost 10 years on the St Petersburg City Council, I represented a district with 3 of the 5 most challenged elementary schools in the county. I worked to improve the conditions around the schools because I saw the connections between safe and stable neighborhoods and successful schools. The schools improved simultaneously as boarded houses were rehabbed, vacant lots got new, moderately priced homes and city infrastructure was fixed. My company adopted Melrose Elementary through the Executive Pass program. It allowed me to help from the inside as well.

34 years ago, my wife, Jody, and I started Bay Tech Label. We still own it and manage it today along with 48 employees. Running a business through good times and bad times has taught me the skills needed to manage, lead, plan and overcome unexpected challenges like the Covid19 virus. Pinellas County schools have a $1.5 Billion budget, over 15,000 employees and over 100 facilities. I believe that my business and practical, problem solving skills can be an asset to the school system as we manage the challenges before us.

Today, I ask you to help elect me to the Pinellas County School Board. When, I served on the city council, the local paper once called me “the hardest working man in local government”. If you elect me, I promise to work everyday to improve our schools, respect our teachers and children, and to spend your tax dollars efficiently.

Karl Nurse